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Reporting Systems

Tramada is arguably the best in travel industry management information system available operating between front and back office, developing extraordinary customised reports to meet your particular needs.

Everything associated with your travel management is engineered through Tramada for the purpose of providing you with accurate reporting and statistics.

There are various levels of reporting available from DBT however we insist that every client receive at least 'basic' or 'standard' information reporting relating to their travel expenditure.

Why do we report to you, and why is it important?

DBT were pioneers in management reporting commencing in 1994, manually compiling information into an Excel spread sheet; analysing expenditure for our customers. Our focus then and now is to save you money.

Reporting activities, trends and expenditure was and is proof of our success to do just this.

Reporting then became a necessity; an expectation and requirement of our customers. Naturally, our methods and systems were streamlined as the demand grew for travel management reports.

In 2000, DBT signed an agreement with Tramada to utilise data-capture software and exclusively enhanced it to suit the kinds of businesses that would rely upon it - our clients. We've affectionately adopted the unofficial name of DBT-Tramada.

Today, your own business relies on this information. DBT are now analysing information, and bringing to your attention any abnormalities in expenses; that your own departments were once accountable for.


What level of reporting is available?
Basic Reporting - (General overview of expenditure) PDF Format
Domestic Air Spend Totaled - Periodically agreed
International Air Spend Totaled - Periodically agreed
Hotel Accommodation Spend Totaled - Periodically agreed
Care Hire Spend Totaled - Periodically agreed
Policy Compliance Abnormalities noted

Executive - (Expense by department/cost centre) Chosen format
Quarterly, monthly, or by agreement
Domestic Air Spend By date, passenger and/or carrier
International Air Spend By date, passenger and/or carrier
Hotel Accommodation Spend By date, guest and/or chain
Car Hire Spend By date, driver and/or car firm
Policy Compliance Reservations must comply with company policy. Reservations failing to meet your policy will instigate your intervention and authority us making contact with you
Sundry travel related purchases Full report/analysis
Comprehensive Suite Management Evaluation of overall TVL expenditure consistent with contracts & policy
Savings Report Potential and actual savings
Corporate Summary Report Listing of all transaction/supplier

Professional - (Customised) Chosen or manipulative format