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Travel Safety & Security

International Flights Departing Australia: New rules (updated Feb 07, effective 31st March 2007) - carrying of liquids, aerosols and gels <click here .pdf>

UK Dept. of Transport www.dft.gov.uk UPDATED 22nd Sep 2006
US Transport Security Administration www.tsa.gov
Australian Government Smart Traveller
Australian Government Dept. of Industry, Tourism and Resources
Malaysia Airlines Flights into LHR (liquids & gels)
Emirates Air NEW EU carry-on baggage regulation (effect 06 Nov 07)
Austrian Airlines NEW Industry message - hand luggage & EU policy
Scandinavian Airlines NEW EU regulations - hand luggage

Passenger comfort, safety and security is a high priority at DBT.

Recent revelations of terrorist threats in the UK and USA has made it more important now, we remind our customers that necessary precautions should be taken when travelling to assist them in personal safety and security.

The UK incident is a must-read and DBT recommends you join the Australian Government's Deptartment of Industry, Tourism and Resources website at: http://www.industry.gov.au/content/itrinternet/cmscontent.cfm?objectID=FBEEEE93-CBEA-3CAC-08FEF4D4823BBD2B, which best describes the incident's impact on travellers as well as the do's & don'ts; what you can carry and what you can't etc, into cities affected by the latest crackdown.

We urge customers to assist authorities in following procedures and by abiding the rules and regualtions which is obviously a move to improve the level of travelling passengers` safety and security.

We'll bring you all the "Industry's News & Regulations" as they're handed to us, so please bookmark this page and join us frequently to get your updates.

Recent and current airline information releases are below (PDF Format). We'll add-to (denoted by a date and "NEW") when this information has been updated.

Released by
10 August 06 Qantas - Travel USA open
10 August 06 Singapore Air - Travel UK open
10 August 06 Qantas - Travel UK open
15 August 06 UK Dept. of Transport - announcement open
15 August 06 Cathay Pacific - UK & USA update open
13 Sep 2006 Malaysia Airlines - to LHR open
22nd Sep 06 UK Dept. of Transport - UPDATED open
02nd Nov 06 Emirates Air EU carry-on regulations open
02nd Nov 06 Austrian Airlines open
02nd Nov 06 Scandinavian Air Systems open


  • Report any person or persons acting suspiciously, to Authorities, airline/ hotel or other personnel.
  • Report any unattended item of luggage, bag or backpack etc
  • Carry essential items only, onboard an aircraft
  • Carry only items allowed by an airline, as carry-on luggage
  • Don't carry anything belonging to persons unknown to you, nor allow them, to carry anything belonging to you.
  • Carry copy documents (passport information pages, visas, itineraries, insurance details etc) in a safe place other than on your person.
  • Keep original travel documents with you at all times unless stored within a certified and secured environment (eg. Purser's Safe - Cruise ships)

Before planning your journey, customers should familiarise themselves with current warnings and travel advice of a destination, issued by the Australian Government by visiting their website at: http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/General#Safety_and_Security DBT recommends that if this is the first time you've visited this site, take the time to read it in thorough and follow any links on the page that are suggested.