Welcome to DBT Corporate Travel!



Your client profile with us is an 'all about you' information summary. From this we take necessary information and marry your likes and dislikes to a reservation being made on your behalf.

We take into consideration that:

  • you may have seating or cabin preferences
  • meal preferences
  • Airline, Hotel & Car preferences
  • Frequent Flyer details & membership numbers
  • special medical needs
  • and much more

Your profile identifies you as a VIP DBT commercial traveler client.

The database stores personal and business information for use only by us, when you're making a reservation, with us.

Your information is strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone else with the exception of passing relevant requirements to a third party goods/services provider, or in the event that you've contacted us while traveling and specifically ask that information (eg. emergency contact details) be shared with someone else.

A supplier is only privy to the amount of information that concerns content that best comforts the client for that arrangement.

For your convenience, we've arranged an online profile builder for both new clients and clients wishing to make changes to current information.

For even more privacy, we also accept profiles by phone and can be built immediately.

Alternatively, you may wish to email your profile to us?