Welcome to DBT Corporate Travel!




Established in 1987, DBT as an independent Corporate Travel Agency constructed a very unique approach to business travel management now benchmarked by some of the world's best agencies and airlines alike.

We, unlike the then run-of-the-mill agencies took a genuine interest in our traveller's demands and formulated measures to ensure that services did not stop with our own, and that needs were to be met for the entirety of the business traveller's trip.

In 1993, DBT joined Travelscene American Express Corporate. A buying group and consortium of some 700 Australian agents.

This affiliation led to a Global Partnership of more than 1700 Business Travel Agencies strategically located throughout some 80 plus countries.

Within less than twelve months, DBT had established itself within the Corporate Travel arena as a boutique Business Travel Management Company setting global trends in Business Travel Management Systems.

Boutique because, unlike our "mega" counterparts, our interest lay with quality clientele, regardless of spend or destination.

Each company, division or individual is treated with equality. Each executive is given the same opportunity to explore the benefits of partnerships, and each individual is certain to receive the same recognition and merits as those of their own mega counterparts through interactive relationships involving airlines, hotel chains, car hire and the likes.

At DBT, you are treated as the VIP client …24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our ongoing commitment to keep you abreast of industry changes, airline specials and crude managerial strategies will prove that our one-stop-travel-shop option is by far the best item for your shopping trolley this year …If not, this decade.

We promise you this: We will creatively engineer your travel to suit your budget. We will introduce cost effective travel solutions aligned with your own Travel Policy.

We will then report monthly, personally and exclusively, and identify areas that can be improved, saving you even more!

No travel policy? No problem. Let's sit down and nut it out. We can show you how you can save a further 35% by sticking to a firm policy. Your travel policy!

There are many arenas for savings. A stringent policy and our utmost compliance will prove each transaction will be procured professionally and cost effectively. There's no possible chance of intervention of any means other than that of written authority from your own Travel Manager!

We are genuine about saving your company money. Furthermore, DBT will bring your company closer to the vendors, which ultimately results in better recognition, better service and …better interrelation networking.

Be it an empire or sole trader. The common question is "'What do I get for my money?"

The answer is the same. "You demand it!" That's a boutique Travel Agent for you!