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Lost Tickets  

A good number of emergencies involve lost tickets.

In an almost ticketless travel world, there may still be need to issue a 'paper' ticket. These are easily misplaced particularly when we are just getting used to not having to carry them.

It is however, just as easy in most cases to have them replaced.

Procedure: Be sure that you either have a copy of your ticket elsewhere in your luggage or at least the ticket number, recorded on another form of document. In most cases, your ticket number is recorded on your itinerary, however it's obviously important that the itinerary itself isn't attached to the lost ticket.

With as much information you have, make your way to the airline desk at the airport. Present your documentation while explaining the circumstances and request that you complete a Lost Ticket Indemnity (LTI)

Note: An LTI can not be produced without passport identification.

In the event that you've lost everything, (eg. Your attaché case/contents) arrange to replace the documents in this order:

  • Passport
  • Necessary visas
  • Credit Cards/cash*
  • Travel Documents (tickets etc)
  • Insurance information~
  • - Australian Consulate
  • - Australian & Other Consulates
  • - Provider or DBT*
  • - Airline desk at the airport
  • - Your own office or DBT~

* If your currency or card is American Express or related, we can arrange 'quick cash' and card replacement for you. NB: there may be fees attached to this service.

~ If your Policy is with DBT/Travelscene American Express, we would have this information on file for you.

Please note: LCI's incur an airline reissue fee.