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DBT Corporate Travel Information - Travel Guide

Tips for business (and frequent) travellers

* Children appreciate letters from the road - use hotel stationery or free postcards to send them quick notes.

* Twenty minute naps are essential - in a taxi, on a plane or on a train.

* If you take prescription medicine, get it refilled before you go - finding a pharmacy in a strange town can be difficult. Take eye drops for tired eyes.

* Pack your shampoo and leaky items in a plastic bag so you don't have to spend time cleaning items that have exploded mid-flight.

* For a more restful sleep, don't eat just before you go to bed.

* Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

* Try to adjust to the local time as soon as possible - whatever it takes. Change your watch immediately.

* Keep your diet as consistent as possible.

* Eat breakfast in your room so the smells of breakfast foods don't tempt you to overeat.

* Find some non-touristy spots - go local.

* Locate a nearby grocery and stock up on healthy treats - it's better for you, and you save money.

* Unpack. It not only minimises wrinkles but makes the hotel room more your own.

* Bring earplugs to combat unfamiliar noises in your new surroundings.

· Make sure your hotel has a refrigerator. Then you can save money--and eat healthier - by buying food for your room.

* Search out an internet cafe and send email back home.

* To dry clothes overnight, put them on a coat hanger and hang them in the bathroom with the light on. In the morning they should be dry enough to wear.

* Take a little package of washing powder. It's cheaper and it's hard to find a small container when travelling. A long cord is useful for a clothesline for overnight drying. In emergencies, shampoo makes good washing liquid.