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Seatmates from hell - survival tips

* You board your flight and all you want to do is sleep or read your book. But then, as the plane takes off, your seatmate begins barraging you with questions. Maybe he starts squirming in his seat and squeezing past you to go to the toilet.

* Sometimes, they have bad body odour or they're intoxicated or they're so large their bodies spill over into your seat. They are Seatmates from Hell.

* A difficult seatmate can be a flyer who "just can't stop talking."

* Here are strategies to avoid them:

* Tell your seatmate you sell life insurance, or work for the ATO. That usually keeps them quiet.

* Feign sleep or bury your face in a newspaper to avoid conversations. This can be difficult on long haul flights.

* Put on headphones even when you're not listening to music.