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Deep Vein Thrombosis

* There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about Deep Vein Thrombosis or Economy Class Syndrome.

* The condition, which can be fatal, is a clot, which blocks the flow of blood to vital organs. It is caused by injury to a vein or poor circulation caused by inactivity or prolonged bed rest.

* The most susceptible to this condition are the elderly, the overweight, pregnant women and people born without the correct blood thinning agents.

* Several airlines have conducted their own research and take the matter seriously, but point out that the condition is not peculiar to one class of travel or specifically to air travel.

* We suggest you talk to your doctor before embarking on long haul flights and heed their advice. Airline medical staff suggests that taking half an aspirin three days before the flight and wearing compression stockings can help.

* While on a long flight, make sure you drink a lot of nonalcoholic fluid and exercise regularly. While in your seat rotate your feet and hands and exercise your neck. Get up and walk around the plane every hour or so and you'll be contributing to good airplane health.