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Avoiding dehydration

* Drink lots of nonalcoholic fluids two days before you fly to hydrate the body.

* Air in a plane is drier than the desert. Relative humidity is 20-25% in the Sahara desert, while optimum comfort is around 50%. In-flight cabin humidity gradually fall on long-distance, high-altitude flights to well below 10%, in many cases approaching 1%.

* Drink at least 200ml of water every hour.

* Carry your own bottle of drinking water when you fly to sip on when service isn't available.

* Ask for bottled or canned water when the bar cart comes by - avoid tap water on airplanes.

* Spray water on your face often. Use an empty perfume atomiser or spray bottle and refill it from your own drinking water.

* Oil your nose. Apply a vegetable oil inside nostrils to lubricate the delicate mucous membranes (don't use Vaseline or creams). Try almond oil (it smells nice) or olive oil.

* If you do have an alcoholic drink or coffee, try to drink even more water to counter their diuretic effect.

* Drinking lots of water or juice also makes you visit the toilet more often, giving you a bit of exercise and helping pass the time!

* After landing, submerge and soak in water as soon as possible - the ocean, hot tub, pool, bath, whatever is available. Immerse entirely, even your head. Bathing when dehydrated helps to replenish moisture right through the pores. It also relaxes the nervous system.