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Jet lag and remedies

* After crossing several time zones, many travellers suffer from "jet lag".

* Although there's no way to completely avoid it there are a number of ways to help your body adjust to a new time zone.

* There is a lack of consensus on potential remedies, from acupuncture to inhaling lavender-scented oil.

* There are brisk sales of a homeopathic remedy called "No Jet Lag". Developed by a New Zealand company the pills supposedly reduce anxiety and promote sleep through natural ingredients such as club moss and wild chamomile.

* One of the most popular and controversial jet lag treatments is the synthetic hormone melatonin. While many researchers and long-distance travellers praise its ability to overcome sleep disturbances caused by crossing multiple time zones, melatonin can actually worsen jet lag symptoms if it's taken at the wrong time of day or in the wrong amounts. See your doctor about this one.

* Similarly complex, albeit less controversial, is the use of daylight or bright artificial lights to accelerate the adjustment of circadian, or daily, body rhythms.