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Help your body adjust

* Try to go to bed early a few days before you leave and get as much sleep as you can during your flight.

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing on the plane and take your shoes off at take off.

* Put your watch onto the new time zone so you "think" in that time.

* Many side effects of jet lag are the result of dehydration, so avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages and drink plenty of water during your flight.

* Eat lightly on the flight and avoid rich or exotic foods on the first few days of your trip so that you can use your energy to adjust to your new surroundings rather than to digest your food.

* Take it easy on the day you arrive so you can take advantage of your trip at a leisurely pace and establish a routine in sync with the local time.

* When you arrive, try to keep going till bedtime in your new time zone to adapt to local time as quickly as possible.

* Do light exercise like walking or shopping to keep you going. Being out in daylight helps your body's natural rhythm adjust to the new time.

* Eat for comfort - a light meal if that is all you feel like. (There are no foods, which improve or worsen jet lag).

* If you have arrived early and want to take a nap, limit the length to 45 minutes. Avoid longer naps for two reasons - you will go into deeper sleep the longer you are asleep and when you wake from deep sleep you often feel disoriented (sleep inertia). Also, a long nap will make it harder for you to have a good sleep at night, prolonging the jet lag.