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In the plane

* Take an inflatable travel pillow to keep your neck positioned and supported. After a 12-hour flight you know it's a sensible thing to pack.

* Take a pen for filling out customs forms.

* The low air humidity will affect you. Take moisturiser (un-fragranced is best) to protect your lips, which can end up cracked and dry. When attendants offer you a warm, damp towel take it - a very refreshing comfort.

* Use Evian spray to freshen up and moisturise your skin. Especially useful if your nose feels so dry that it hurts.

* A natural freshener and body cleanser when you can't have a shower or bath is old-fashioned Witch Hazel applied with flat cotton pads.

* Every 10 or 15 minutes, help your circulation and muscles by rotating your neck, shoulders, hands, arms and feet. Take frequent walks up and down the aisles. Muscles will ache if kept in one position too long and you risk getting deep vein thrombosis.

* Before the plane takes off remove your shoes (wear thick, woolen socks). The ascent and descent of the plane can cause foot swelling and a flight without tight shoes can make all the difference.

* Use disposable earplugs. Using them reduces the stress associated with flying - particularly if you are unfortunate enough to be sitting near a crying child.

* Ask for fruit on the flight and try to limit salt and caffeine intake to minimise the effects of air pressure and jet lag.

* One alcoholic drink in flight does the work of two. In other words, it's twice as easy to get drunk at high altitude, with the resulting bad after effects.

· The toilets at the rear of the plane are usually the most pleasant - they are also the least used because they are behind everyone!