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At the airport

* Don't carry parcels for anyone else, even if you know the person and what's inside the parcel. Some countries take a dim view of this practice.

* Checked luggage x-ray scanners ruin undeveloped film - new or exposed. It's okay to check in your camera gear, but get your film out of your luggage and carry it with you. Standard x-ray screening of hand luggage won't harm your holiday memories.

* At the airport (or anywhere else when you're travelling) have the straps of your carry-on luggage wrapped around an arm or a leg, then they won't disappear without your knowledge. Have large bags touching your leg so you know if they're moved.

* If you're taking a cell phone overseas make sure it's turned off on the plane. They can interfere with the navigation system and you could end up in court.

* If you don't want to stand around in an airport for hours trying to find transport to your destination and you don't want to spend a fortune, a bus or airport shuttle is the way to go. Most large airports have them. Make sure you're at the right bus stop.