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Tips for fearful flyers

* Plan: Choose a forward aisle seat on a wide-body plane to minimise noise and allow freedom of movement.

* Watch what you eat: Cut back on caffeine and sugar the day before your flight and never take off on an empty stomach.

* Get to the airport early: Rushing to make a flight can produce its own anxiety. Plan to arrive at least 90 minutes before domestic flights and three hours for international flights, giving you enough time to go through security.

* Don't be shy: Let the flight attendants know you're a fearful flyer and ask the crew for a preflight peek into the cockpit. This privilege will depend on the security of the airline as many things have changed since Sept 11th.

* Try to relax: Deep-breathing exercises and relaxation tapes (available on several airlines' audio channels) can help.

* Remember the odds: Your chances of dying in an airplane accident are 1 in 4.6 million compared to 1 in 125 that you'll die in a car crash.

* Many airlines run "Fear of Flying" courses: Ask one of our consultants.