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Check the obvious

* When you first start to plan for your trip, check the expire date in your passport and, if necessary, send it in for renewal. Almost every day someone arrives at Sydney International Airport with no passport or an expired one. Most other documents can be easily replaced, but passports are more difficult.

* Check for any advance-application visas for countries you are planning to visit. Usually, you have to send your passport with the visa application. Many countries won't let you enter if your passport is less than six months from its expire date.

* International drivers' licenses can be applied for at the NRMA producing your current license, a passport sized photo and a small fee. Having said this, International driversí licenses are not usually needed. Pack your driver's licenses - even if you aren't driving it's a good form of identification.

* If you have an NRMA card, take it to Britain as it is reciprocal.

* Being able to speak just a few words of a foreign language can help you get more from your holiday or business trip - you can never find what you want quickly enough in a phrase book e.g. please, thank you, how much and greetings.

* Make a list of what to cancel or put on hold. Organise the payment of any bills that will be due while you are away. With today's electronic banking and the internet, paying bills from anywhere is possible.

* Cancel the papers (you don't pay for the missed ones)

* Book the cat/dog into boarding kennels