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When to travel

Although most people are restricted by work demands, school holidays and budget, there are certain times when it's best to visit certain areas:

Europe March - May and September - November (spring and autumn). Avoid the high season (June - August) if possible and miss the biggest crowds and highest charges.

Asia November - March is the cool season. April - October is the rainy season.

North America Summer runs May - September.

South America Avoid the summer, which is very hot, humid and sticky. Winter (October - April) is the best time to visit. Chile and Argentina have climates similar to Australia.

Africa In the north it's cold at night and hot in the day. The south is similar to Australia

Pacific Islands Summer is the hottest time, but it also coincides with the hurricane season. July to Early November & Late March, early April is a great time to be in the South Pacific. Can be surprisingly cool in midwinter evenings.