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Get expert advice

* Discuss any travel questions you have with a DBT Corporate consultant.

* Keep an eye on our website’s www.dbt.com.au & www.cruisescene.com.au for good deals, general information about the company and our DBT “Off the Wing” & Cruisescene “Crews News” newsletters.

* DBT Corporate and Cruisescene have many videotapes and guidebooks on a number of destinations.

* We arrange pre-seating in planes. Tell your consultant your preference and they will try to arrange it. Window seats give you the luxury of something to lean against in a long flight. Aisle seats mean you can get up and exercise when you want without clambering over other passengers and there is room to stretch your legs out. The centre aisle seats mean at most only one person will need to disturb you.

* Pre-book seats and request kid's meals or special meals. Most major airlines have a wide variety of meals available. The most common include: Hindu, Moslem, Kosher, low sodium, diabetic, dairy-free vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, raw vegetarian, gluten-free, low calorie, low protein, low cholesterol, bland food and fruit platter.

* Pay for your European add-ons before you leave Australia. Most tickets, accommodation, rental cars etc are often cheaper if paid in Australian dollars and in some cases (London travel passes) are only available in this country. Pay by credit card and start accumulating more frequent flyer points.

* You can buy a Great British Heritage Pass, which gives you access to castles, gardens and historic houses. Ask our consultants for a free pamphlet.

* Become a member of the Australian Council of National Trust - your membership card gives you free entry to 700 National Trust sites around Britain and more than 200 Australian National Trust properties. Particularly good value with a family membership $113 and $89 for an Individual 12 months membership. Visit www.nationaltrust.org.au

* Don't Over Plan. Allow time to relax and really enjoy yourself. Even if this is your once-in-a-lifetime trip, don't feel you have to fill every available minute. Prepare for your trip ahead of time by getting plenty of rest.