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Holiday Travel & Travel Insurance for people with diabetes

Donna Barlow Travel Pty Ltd is committed to supporting people living with diabetes by providing professional assistance in achieving travel insurance, as well as providing diabetes-friendly destination options for them and their families.

Acquiring travel insurance can be difficult for people with diabetes so too, is finding the right holiday and destination that will cater for healthy eating options, medical assistance (if it becomes necessary), nursing, professional childcare facilities, general fitness and activities, personal hygiene and the logistics of insulin administration where time zones may affect injection intervals.

DBT offer first-hand experience and will assist members in the acquisition of travel insurance for people with diabetes, as well as a 20% discount to them, and anyone else travelling with them.

We also donate 5% of the proceeds to the Danii Foundation.

Again, first-hand experience has enabled us to compile a database of “Diabetes Friendly” holiday destinations that aren’t just focussed on the wellbeing of the person with diabetes, but on the welfare of the wallet too!

Speak to your doctor/endocrinologist and decide that you want to take a holiday, and then talk to us at DBT. Most destinations are far more reachable than you ever imagined provided of course personal management and regimen is well thought about, beforehand.

Call us on 02 9888 5555 or toll-free 1800 678 555 to chat about the options, specials and to discuss your membership discount on travel insurance 0830 - 1730 Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.

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Donna Meads-Barlow - Managing Director (DBT)

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