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What I Say About Our Team  

I make no hesitation whatsoever in suggesting this is a powerful and professional team. We keep going from strength to strength and there's nothing any of them won't do or try, and nothing goes into the too hard basket!

I am proud of the team and have no uncertainties exposing any of them to our most fastidious clients.

Donna Meads-Barlow
Corporate Consultant, PCO, Contracts & Business Development


0418 465 245


Donna Meads-Barlow

Managing Director

Fares and Ticketing I/II & IATA Accreditation

BSP Accredited

Service - Various

Management – Various

Licensee & Franchisee (TSAX)

Donna has twenty-six (26) years Business Travel Management experience, the last twenty or so at DBT since she founded it. Extremely hands on, Donna is Operations Manager and oversees the general management of the company. Donna has a sincere passion for her company, her team, our customers and the travel industry, whole. Her guidance of these partners is impeccable and fundamentally rewarding. Donna is arguably the best “engineer” in the industry often called upon by her peers for guidance and assistance.