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Best Fare Of the Day (BFOD)  

BEST FARE OF THE DAY - (BFOD) Fact or Fallacy ?

Travel organiser's are often misled by advertising and the likes that the cheapest fares are only available through the internet or direct with the airline. This in fact is not true.

The only way to achieve BFOD is to have your travel managed by a Travel Management Company.

DBT has access to all BFOD's by scraping each of the best fares from both the internet and our Global Distribution System and providing REAL BEST FARES OF THE DAY. So unless you're surfing every internet site or calling each of the airlines to find your best fare, the fact is; you're probably not getting 'best fare of the day'.

Call us on 1800 678 555 to find out how we can provide you with BFOD's either by using our online (all airlines) domestic online travel booking engine, or by having it done for you personally.